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Have you joined our "I Will Not Shop at INTERMIX Until They Go Fur-Free” photo campaign yet? It’s a fun, quick, and easy way to stand up for the lonely and forgotten fur-bearing animals sitting in fur farm cages. Intermix needs to see the faces of the shoppers they’ve lost due to their refusal to go humane.

Download and print the sign here!

Take a photo of yourself holding it!

Post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc- and don’t forget to tag @INTERMIX! (PS- please send me a copy at to make sure we receive it.)

Can’t wait to see your beautiful compassionate faces! 


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Valentine’s Day message for INTERMIX from the beach bunny! ;)
Agree? So do we: Intermix: Please Go Fur Free!

Valentine’s Day message for INTERMIX from the beach bunny! ;)

Agree? So do we: Intermix: Please Go Fur Free!

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ATTENTION: Supporters of our INTERMIX: Please Go Fur-Free Campaign!

Intermix buyers are currently at New York Fashion Week, where I’m told cold-hearted designers are throwing inherently cruel fur-laden garments on any runway that will have them.

We CANNOT allow these buyers to ignore the connection between the items they’re seeing draped over models and the fur-bearing animals being used & abused to create them. Purchasing decisions for the fall/winter 2012 season are being made as we speak. NOW is the time for another huge push.

Please sign & especially share the petition far and wide! Thank you!

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…Worth it, INTERMIX?
Of course not. The animals can’t speak for themselves- but you can. Make your voice heard here.

…Worth it, INTERMIX?

Of course not. The animals can’t speak for themselves- but you can. Make your voice heard here.

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New *INTERMIX* Goal!

I’m setting a new goal for our petition asking INTERMIX to go FUR FREE.  I want more names on our petition than Intermix has “likes” on Facebook.

They currently have 40,855 fans and we have 1,120 signitures- so our work is cut out for us!  This is where you come in.  Please notify friends, families, and fellow animal lovers about the tragic amount of fur sold at Intermix and help us STOP them before next season.  Every name on this list gets us one step further to opening the cages…

Sign sign sign!

Thank you.

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The Body Shop lovin’

I often receive questions from readers, friends, & family about my cosmetic purchases. How, in an industry so polluted by horrific animal testing, am I able to find beauty products that are cruelty-free?  The answer is simple: I am a Body Shop addict.  Not only does The Body Shop reject animal testing and the use of animal ingredients in their products, but they also actively campaign (and always have) against animal testing:

In addition to their loyalty to the animals, they are also committed to sourcing products responsibly and reducing environmental impact.  They also use their proceeds and resources to campaign against domestic violence, to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research, and to stop human trafficking.

When you give The Body Shop your hard earned money, you can absolutely feel safe about the hands you’re putting it into.  Unfortunately, when you buy products from L’Oreal, Lancome, Neutrogena, Dove, Garnier, Herbal Essences, Pantene, & many many others, you can be sure that a portion of your dollar is going towards this:

In conclusion, find your local The Body Shop (they’re everywhere!) and shop your beautiful heart out with a clear conscience.

EDIT: A lovely reader has pointed out that L’Oreal OWNS The Body Shop.  This presents an interesting dilemma.  Do we cease supporting them because profits will go to L’Oreal? (I’m inclined to say yes) or do we support them in hopes of L’Oreal quitting animal testing because they see how much success The Body Shop’s ethical practices have brought them?  I’ll have to mull this over.  While I write an angry letter to L’Oreal.

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Nasty Nasty Gal

Now, I’m not one to go publicly attacking a company without cause.  I’m especially not one to public attacking a company without privately contacting them first and giving them an opportunity to explain themselves or make amends.  Unfortunately, Nasty Gal clothing has ignored my attempts at contact not once but twice, so I have no choice but to ask for support from my compassionate followers!  You all came out in HUGE numbers in response to my "Fur Is the New Green? Is This a Joke?" post (which was awesome of you guys, by the way- her blog went from 0 to 68 comments within a few days!), so I thought I’d try my hand at rallying the troops once again.

So, I like clothes.  I often love clothes, much like many young ladies with a pulse.  I’m especially excited when I find a small (or small-ish) fashion label that has truly unique, fun, and flattering clothes.  I completely fell in love with this Tiger Kaftan from Nasty Gal:

…and was about to order it when I was distracted by this:

A disgusting animal tail of some sort- this can’t even be “defended” by saying it keeps the wearer warm; it’s a blatantly selfish and disrespectful accessory that I can imagine hanging off the hip of Cruella Deville.

And these….

Rabbit fur boots.  Boots! Are you kidding me?? How many rabbits had to brutally lose their lives to be wrapped around someone’s foot for “fashion”?

I would really love to see this company follow in the footsteps of companies like Urban Outfitters and Planet Blue who, after seeing public outrage over their use of fur, pulled it from their lines entirely.  Please consider sending a letter of concern to Nasty Gal at or leaving a comment on their Facebook page (mine was deleted but hopefully yours will have better luck).  In my letter, I made sure to acknowledge the genuine awesomeness of most of their items and my desire to give them my business, but told them I would be unable to support them until they stop using fur stolen from beautiful, innocent animals whose purpose on this planet has nothing to do with adorning the bodies of selfish humans.  For their reference, I included this list of popular, committed FUR-FREE designers:

I also made sure to let them know of the growing compassion and concern among young fashionistas, as evidenced by the Fur Free Friday (seriously, click this link, it’s rad) rallies around the country on Black Friday, as well as the proposed Fur Ban in West Hollywood.  If you contact them, let me know! I’d love to know how many emails they’re getting so I can reference them in future messages.

I see Nasty Gal as an uninformed group of fashion lovers who have the capacity to have their hearts and eyes opened if they’re willing.  Here’s hoping we can make a difference, can I count on you??

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