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TreeKisser 2.0: Out of Retirement

To all of my Beloved, Loyal Followers,

Thank you SO much for sticking around through the past couple months since I stopped posting regularly.  A combination of writer’s block and an overly busy schedule led me to neglect the blog, but I have so much exciting news coming up that I couldn’t bear to stay away any longer.  You can expect many of the traditional Tree Kisser style posts, along with some more action-packed news items that I hope will inspire you to get involved!  I’m already giddy with excitement to get back to communicating with you all, and I’m so grateful for your eyes, ears & hearts!



(^ one example of how I’ve been spending my time away!)

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Tree Kisser Follower Spotlight!

It’s no secret that I have some of the most amazing followers in the world.  I so appreciate your comments & reblogs & questions! (by the way, I know some of you are still waiting on replies to questions, they take a while to sort through but answers are coming!).  That all said, I do have a few followers who take things to the next level with their appreciation, and today I want to send some of that appreciation back!

Meet Mirel: (find her here at paperbackscriber)

Not only is she a seasoned vegetarian and a wonderful advocate for the animals, but she’s also just incredibly thoughtful.  She recently mailed me a package- or “parcel” as she says in her adorable British way- (FROM LONDON TO CALI!) with a bunch of vegan goodies:

The chocolate bar, I’m ashamed to say, was completely inhaled by the end of the day.  It was sinfully delicious.  The soaps and lip balm are also heavenly, both in quality and in scent.  I never take the time to spoil myself with treats like this, so to receive them in the mail from a person I’ve never met brought me so much joy & gratitude.

So, in conclusion, thank you ALL for rocking, and please take a moment to wish Mirel a HAPPY BIRTHDAY because she’s celebrating today! And do it quickly, it’s almost tomorrow in London…

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