At this moment in time I have 2,000+ followers.  I think it’s safe to say the majority of you are vegetarians/vegans, and if you’re not, you almost definitely at least care about the safety & well-being of animals (if you don’t, I’m shocked that you’ve stuck around this long- but don’t leave, I embrace diversity!!).  My point is this- there are a LOT of you out there with a heart that is open to animals, and yet I have a sneaking suspicion there are still many of you who haven’t yet seen Bold Native.

I try to avoid beating you too hard over the head with anything- but here comes the exception- YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE.  I’ve seen it at least 10 times, because I learn/appreciate/relish something new with each viewing.  You’ll want to see it at least twice, because at times it can be a challenge to keep up with its action packed pace and timeline.

I wouldn’t taunt & tempt you with praise for this absolutely phenomenal film if it weren’t super easy for you to access.  Fortunately, it is!  You can either order the DVD at OR - you can rent/buy it on iTunes!  Talk about instant gratification.  Get it. Watch it. Then write me about it…because I seriously can’t get enough of discussing it.

"Bold Native is not a person, it’s an idea, that animals are not property, they’re not ours to use.  They are an end unto themselves.  Their freedom is beautiful, and their slavery is a horror." - Charlie (Bold Native)


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