Love Love Love

by Tristan Prettyman

This is Love Love Love by Tristan Prettyman.  Which is fitting, because I love love love her.  I wrote about her a couple months ago, but because I had somewhere around 10 followers at the time, I think it’s time to bring her back.  I discovered her 6 years ago when she was opening for a free Howie Day concert in the outskirts of Boston.  I’ve always felt very personally connected to her music- I guess everyone has one of those artists whose every song makes you think “I’ve SO been there”- Tristan is mine.  She has such an amazing talent and spirit.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be at a few of her shows and they always turn out to be evenings of pure bliss.  If you’re lucky, sometimes she’ll throw in a cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic- not to be missed.  I can’t get enough of her (as evidenced by the 62 playcount I have of this song in my iTunes -and this computer is barely a year old).  I’m not getting married until I can afford to have her play at the reception.

I highly suggest downloading as much of her music as you can get your hands on, then following her on twitter @tprettyman and tumblr, so you can soak up all of her optimism, love, occasional veganness, humor, and adorableness.

*Rock on TP*


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