Thank You

by The Makepeace Brothers

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’m a huge huge fan of Tristan Prettyman (you can find her awesome blog at  Over a year ago, I went to see her play live in Venice and was delighted to discover a new band- The Makepeace Brothers.  Since that night, I’ve probably seen them play 5 or 6 times, and every experience has been absolutely magical and inspirational.  To my understanding, the Makepeace Brothers first came into fame when they opened on tour for the phenomenal Jason Mraz and befriended his musical buddies (like Bushwalla and Jason’s now-fiancee Tristan Prettyman).

Fast-forward a bit.  My brother and I decided to move to Venice, CA in November.  We knew the Makepeace Brothers lived in the vicinity because they played a couple concerts on this block, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that not only do they live in our building, but we also share a wall with them.  Because of this lovely twist of fate, we are often treated to some rad, albeit slightly muffled, live performances.  Last night my brother and I were fortunate enough to run into the guys in the parking lot, and they gave us a copy of their new album, “Slow Down, Feel Love”.  We went inside and listened to the entire thing at 2 am- it’s amazingly beautiful.

I really really suggest you check these guys out.  Not only are they incredibly talented, they also have amazing hearts.  They frequently perform at fundraisers and charity events and they are involved with some awesome organizations like Feeding the Soul and Free the Slaves.  Also- for you vegans- their bassist (Conor Gaffney) is vegan, and I’m told the brothers are pretty veg-conscious as well.  They play live shows pretty frequently (especially in LA and San Francisco), so if they’re coming to your town anytime soon you should absolutely go see them.  

The song I’ve posted here, “Thank You,” is a song I’ve seen them end most of their concerts with recently.  Usually they call all of the other musicians from the night’s lineup onto the stage to sing with them, and it’s always a unique performance.  I’m pretty sure I hear Tristan Prettyman, Jason Mraz, Bushwalla and maybe more chiming in on the album version, but if you want to see it live (highly recommended), see the video HERE (the music starts around 2:45).  The lyrics and spirit of this song should give you a pretty good idea of what they’re about.

For more updates about the wonderful Makepeace Brothers, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  And DEFINITELY check out the rest of their music (available on iTunes and I believe through their website).


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